Patriotic Prep: Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are usually my assignment when it comes to big group gatherings, and this weekend is no different!  I pledged to make desserts worthy of America’s birthday, and I think I met the challenge!

Similar to how I practiced the chocolate covered pretzels this past weekend; these are just red, white, and blue, SO CUTE!

idea via: Cupcakes & Cashmere

Taste test results: AMAZING!

Next, I tried out some red velvet whoopie pies, mmmmmmmmm!  They are filled with yummy cream cheesey goodness.  Yes, they are a bit over-sized, oops!

This platter is my all time favorite one I own, and just so happens to work with my red, white & blue theme!

Lastly, nothing too exciting, just some basic funfetti cupcakes!  I saw them at one of my 50 weekly trips to Target.  They’re always a crowd pleaser.

I little teaser of this weekends backdrop!

I love this place

Even more patriotic prep to come…



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