Posted in August 2011

Remember CANS?

For any of you bar goers in the Charlotte area circa Pre-Epicentre, you might remember a dope little watering hole called CANS Bar and Canteen. A prime spot on the corner of 5th and Graham, CANS appealed to the masses.  Rarely a cover.  Awesome food.  Great on game days. Sadly, CANS closed its doors and … Continue reading

Oops, I’m going to another Britney concert

To get ready for Thursday’s Britney concert here’s a peek at my all time fav performance of hers. Lip sync or not, are you really telling me this isn’t awesome? {video via YouTube} Here’s to Thursday being awesome…wtf am I going to wear?! GMT

Pre Season Week 1: Survival of the Driest

It felt so good to get back into the swing of tailgating even though we were faced with some wet elements; sweat and rain.  It was a great afternoon/evening of fun and flailing. A tragic realization that the easy to transport, Panther colored, wheeling cooler was MIA, the main goal was to find the same … Continue reading

Pre Season Week 1: Nailed It

The easiest way to show your football flare is with a spirited manicure.  The options are literally endless so you can switch it up weekly.  It’s also good for those girls (or guys if manis are your thing) who don’t like getting decked head to toe in their team gear. This week I chose a … Continue reading

Pre Season Week 1: Say Yes to the Dress

Ahh yes, pre-season has found its way here and this Saturday the Panthers will host the Giants for an evening game.  While some I talk to say they don’t care much about pre-season, I say, you’re wack.  When else do they ever have a Saturday night game, against the New York Football Giants no less?! … Continue reading