Pre Season Week 1: Say Yes to the Dress

Ahh yes, pre-season has found its way here and this Saturday the Panthers will host the Giants for an evening game.  While some I talk to say they don’t care much about pre-season, I say, you’re wack.  When else do they ever have a Saturday night game, against the New York Football Giants no less?!  No excuse to not break out the cooler and get to ‘gatin!

I, of course, have been pondering the outfit of choice.  With a heat index that has been averaging in the 100’s, sporting a poly blend non-breathable football jersey doesn’t have much appeal.  So I’ve planned to stick with the team colors, hold the logos.  For a hot night, a long light weight knit maxi dress is perfection.  It does a great job at keeping the squitos away and is so easy to wear because you only need to worry about one article of clothing.  Pair that with a comfy pair of flippy floppies and some bold statement earrings (in your colors of course) and you have a super cute, super easy tailgating look.

My getup will look something like this below.  Dress is from Gap, flops from Old Navy, and earrings from Bauble Bar (PS if you haven’t joined Bauble Bar do so immediately)

Are you going to the game this weekend? If so what will you be wearing?



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