Pre Season Week 1: Nailed It

The easiest way to show your football flare is with a spirited manicure.  The options are literally endless so you can switch it up weekly.  It’s also good for those girls (or guys if manis are your thing) who don’t like getting decked head to toe in their team gear.

This week I chose a “splatter mani.”  I’ve seen these on a bunch of blogs with varying techniques and couldn’t wait to try.  The directions I found are via The PolishAholic which you can find here.  You can use your own technique, and I definitely switched it up a bit, but here’s what you do!

Start off with unpolished, clean nails, cut and filed to desired length.

Choose a base color.  To make the colors pop, and since it’s still summer, I went with OPI Peace Baby! which is a white-ish color with a tiiiiiny hint of shimmer.

(pardon my man hands)

After they have dried, collect your tools.  This will consist of (1) a surface you don’t mind getting nail polishy (I used an empty cardboard jewelry box) (2) the colors you wish to be the “splatter” (3) a straw or straws (4) some sort of tape, this can be optional (5) nail polish remover and QTips or nail polish remover stick

This is the point where you can tape off your nails so that when you start splattering you don’t get your cuticles and fingers all jacked up.  I chose not to use the tape (which I sort of regretted.)

Now the fun part!

Select your first color, I used OPI Teal the Cows Come Home.  Dip the straw into the bottle, make sure there is plenty of polish on the straw.  You may want to do a few “test blows” as I have done here into the cardboard.  Once you have the knack, get at it! Point the straw at your nail and give it one swift blow.  This should splatter the polish all over the nail.  Don’t be scared of imprefections, that’s the fun of it!

This is where the tape comes into play, as you can see…

Repeat with the next color.  I used an old Sally Hensen glitter (sorry don’t have the name!) but gave it some sparkle in certain lights!

Here is my progress after the glitter round.  You can see it got a little wild.  TIP:  A bobby pin worked great for big glops of polish.

After you are done splattering, you can start to clean up the edges with some QTips and nail polish remover.  Once they are completely dry you can really get in there to make the edges perfect.

Cover with a clear top coat and your done!

Fun and funky football nails!

Try this out on any given non-Sunday as well!

I’ll be posting a delicious game day treat tomorrow and in the meantime I will be overly excited to tailgate for the game manana!!!!!!!!!!



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