Pre Season Week 1: Survival of the Driest

It felt so good to get back into the swing of tailgating even though we were faced with some wet elements; sweat and rain.  It was a great afternoon/evening of fun and flailing.

A tragic realization that the easy to transport, Panther colored, wheeling cooler was MIA, the main goal was to find the same one, and in only a few hours time.  After hitting up Marshall’s (where the original was found for super cheap) and Target we had to settle with the cumbersome, yet still Panther colored, Wheelie Cool.  After purchasing and packing the cooler and making the fastest most delish game day guac, we were off!

Although the tailgate destination was only about a 15 minute walk, the sun, humidity, and heavy cooler made the walk a little longer and sweatier.  The saving grace was definitely the roadies and the entertainment of other tailgaters and ticket scalpers.  Living close to the stadium also helps because at least it gives you something nice to look at.

The trek to your tailgating home can get exhausting which is why you need to make sure you stop and hydrate…take note of the usefulness of the cooler in this situation.

{thanks B.Schultz for letting me use this pic}

After arriving ready to crack open the Wheelie Cool, we indulged in some eats, some laughs, and some typical tailgating activities.

  The sky started to get a little dark and I, being the freak I am, grabbed my phone and checked the doppler.  Yup, a storm was rolling in.


After seeking coverage in a nearby car to ride out the storm, it was time for the ticket holders to head towards the stadium and prep for game time.  A few of us decided to roll ole’ Wheelie Cool back to my place and head out afterwards.

I think this is what began my favorite part of the day.

On our way back, I attempted to keep my dome dry by sporting a plastic Target bag.

Then we had to cross the street…

Wheelie cool flipped.

Beers where spilling out everywhere.

Cops were pointing and laughing, as were bystanders.

We even had a flag thrown at us, as a ref would do (nice).

Oh and I have failed to mention it had begun to pour down rain again.  So we were soaking wet.  Which wasn’t too fun since I was wearing a maxi dress.

We embraced the rain and our little incident and laughed it off.  It was a pretty good story after all.  If it wasn’t raining, and I could have grabbed my camera quick enough, there would absolutely be pictures.

After arriving back home to dry off a bit, we made some more adult beverages and danced around to get pumped to go back out.  We headed to my favorite Irish pub in town, Connolly’s, and that was that.

So I guess you want to know the outcome of the game? Well, I know it’s only Pre Season and maybe shouldn’t get too excited, but the Panthers beat the G-Men 20-10.  After last season this is HUGE.  Let’s hope they keep it coming!

It was a good run for the first tailgate and it is only Pre Season so we have a lot more ground to cover!

{awesome pic from Charlotte Observer}

Panther Pride from the skyline…Charlotte does a good job of dressing their buildings in Panther blue!



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