Remember CANS?

For any of you bar goers in the Charlotte area circa Pre-Epicentre, you might remember a dope little watering hole called CANS Bar and Canteen.

A prime spot on the corner of 5th and Graham, CANS appealed to the masses.  Rarely a cover.  Awesome food.  Great on game days.

Sadly, CANS closed its doors and took on a new name…until now.

The Roaring Riot stepped in (check them out here) and CANS: Recycled was born.

CANS: Recycled will be the place to be and be seen during and after all Panther home games.  Didn’t get to scalp a ticket?  Didn’t get a sweet hookup from one of your banker friends?  CANS: Recycled will welcome you with open arms and lots of tall boys (beer cans silly, not actually tall boys, although that would be nice too.)   Check out more info on their Facebook page here and follow the Roaring Riot on Twitter @roaringriot for more updates an info.


You won’t want to miss the first event on September 1st for the next Panther’s home Pre-Season game.

Get excited and join the movement.



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