Straight from the ‘gate! – Weeks 1 & 2

A sampling of pics from the past two tailgates…enjoy, cheers!

Week 1 – Panthers vs. Packers

Yes, that funnel has 8 spouts, please drink responsibly…unless you don’t have to work on Monday

Thanks CANS Recycled, AWESOME time!

Week 2 – Panthers vs. Jaguars (cat fight; no? not funny?)

Ok, nothing to do with football but I’m psyched for some Uptown baseball

Again, nothing to do with football, but a sweet shot, “hi!” high rise!

Won’t miss a play at Stool Pigeons (they even label all their TV’s with what game they are playing, so you know which TV to watch, thanks Stoolies!)

More tailgating pics, tips, and fashion comin’ at ya!

What’s your favorite tailgate spot in Charlotte?  Share with me and I’ll come visit your spot and write about it, Go Panthers!




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