Fan Fashion: Ravens

I have a friend that lives in Baltimore and she was saying how this week, all the coverage on the local news is 90% about the Ravens and their upcoming game.  This leads me to believe that their fans are intense and eat, sleep, breathe those birds.  I love team spirit, so I appreciate the enthusiasm.

While a purple/gold combo isn’t my favorite, I balanced it out with some neutrals.  A cozy cowl neck sweater with some insanely bright purple leggings act as your base.  Lucky for you, bright bottoms are everywhere.  Layer on a purple beaded necklace and add some quirk with a black bird, ah hem, Raven necklace.  A sleek gold cuff with matching glitter nails will ensure your beer holding hand is well dressed.  Neutral flats with a cluster of gold accents are the perfect completer.

Blaaaack biiiird flyyyyy.  That song has been in my head while writing this entire post, so I had to share.

{Sweater, Leggings, Beaded Necklace, Bird Necklace, Glitter Polish, Gold Cuff, Flats}

Tomorrow:  Patriots



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