Fan Fashion: Patriots

This is my last post of this weeks Fan Fashion series; the Patriots.  Dressing Patriotically is fairly easy since it consists of red, silver and blue – basic staple colors in anyone’s wardrobe.  Yes, denim counts as blue.

This look is easy and comfy and involves Keds.  Yup, I said Keds.  Don’t be scared, they are back and cuter then your white leather ones you owned when you were in 3rd grade.  A chunky red and navy striped sweater with some classic denim take care of your red and blue.  A big ass polka dot bow headband and star studs give some playfulness to the look.  Glittery polish blings out your tips and finish it off with those new school Keds.

The guys will barely be able to watch the game since they’ll be admiring your bow headband.  Touchdown!

{Sweater, Jeans, Bow Headband, Star Studs, Glitter Polish, Keds}

Good luck to your team this weekend!  And if they aren’t playing, it’s ok, baseball season will be here before you know it!

TGIF yo.



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